Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
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Car Modeling Tutorials

Hey, I'm new to this stuff and I was browsing around the site and didn't found a Car Modeling Tutorial for Maya.
Anyone knows a good tutorial from the beginning, how to set the blueprints, till the very end?
Thanks a lot.
- DS

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Thanks a lot, although since I'm just a beginner I'm currently looking for free stuff.
Later on I'm planning on investing for this.

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Posts: 566 goes....there are free car tutorials but they are for 3ds max which as a newbie won't do you any good unless you know maya enough to know how to apply what they do in max to far as tutorials go, the majority of them are in if you are serious about learning maya, then it might cost you a few bucks.......

welcome to the site by the way and good luck with learning...hope to see some work

Toyota Supra WIP

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I use Maya because that and Cinema 4D are the only ones that can run here on my Mac.

I'll see what I can do with the Maya tutorials user added image .

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