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Add frames to start of animation

I suddenly found out that I need a few more frames at the very beginning of my animation. How can I add some frames before frame? Indeed, how can I add frames at any given place?

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Just below the time slider on the right... are 2 boxes... type in a - number for the amount of frames you need to add.. Like -20

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I'm not sure if that works in mid-animation, but here's another way. Right-click in the "void" and choose select all or just select all the objects you have animated with keys. (in some cases you won't have to select EvErYtHiNg) In the time slider, if you hold down shift and drag your curser from one frame to another, you will see that it will highlite in red. You also see an arrow at both far ends of the red bar as well as two arrows in the middle. Using these, you can move keys around, condense (make the selected animation shorter), or expand it (make the animation longer.) All you have to do is move keys to the right and you've got some free space.

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Thanks, I also found out that I could work with the keys in the graph editor.

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