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Old 11-12-2008, 03:57 PM   #1
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Default why not render on other apps. ?

I try to learn Maya since 3 jears and I feel like I will never get good results.
I looked what the problem could be and I know now that the ability to render my big problem is.

But now it is coming!!!

I was never interestet in other apps. like Maya!!! because I thought that the TOP
let grow me up to a Top pro!

A friend told me that he work with C4D 10 and that it is very easy to get good Renders. I worked on his station and attempt myself on this system.
It was a bit tricky to Model and so on, but that is routine and I rendert an image and I was wondering why there was so few settings to addjust.
turn on GI and it works! Turn on ambient occlusion and very realistic!
raytracing works fine and you must only set ON
And that works for everything I tried

Ok the thing is that you dont have so much settings and not a big attack on the Result, but for what??
I set thousand settings up and down and my results look bad!
In C4D I click on on on and Im finish and Lucky...

The question is what is neccesary to add or leave, like when you model something! Is it neccasary to much polys to use or is the half enough to be happy with the result?

The same with rendering, is it neccassary to adjust every single Ray or GI point?

what is your Goal? I try to visualize my visions and Im so slowed down with my progress because of my bad rendering skills!
I know that when I where a pro that maya is the bigger tool, but I dont see me in Hollywood and for that Im thinking if a more consumer orientet growht app. is better for me!?! Please help me to wash my Brain!!!
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Old 11-12-2008, 05:17 PM   #2
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Well i never used Cinema 4D. But if you are looking only for visualising your ideas and don't want to bother with render settings etc , etc... you can go on with C4D but if you are looking for 3D job or smth like that you can't get it without knowledge of rendering and other stuff. You choose your best way of working
Btw I was stuck with making 3D island in Maya it was a horrible thing for me but i found Vue 6 Xstream and there i made on good looking island so ... maybe C4D is better choice for you don't know mate.

p.s I'm looking forward to find a job for me . Maybe in 1-2 years , so i work hard in my free time and try to learn every little detail of 3D work , no matter is it new software or new function or smth like that.

Wish you luck dude.
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Old 11-12-2008, 05:29 PM   #3
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with maya its always harder before it gets easier to be honest i have seen great great stuff done in maya(im having the same problem as you) but hang in there and do as many tuts as you possibly can and good luck
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