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Maya Lag problem!!

Hey Guys

Quick question!! Maya seems to have slowed down heaps on my system. When i first installed maya it could run rather high quality animations without to much trouble however now it has slowed right down and is getting laggy with even some basic animations and texturing renders.

Has anyone had this problem? Is it a matter of needing to re-install maya or could it be the fact that i have had my graphics card drivers updated recently and maya doesnt like them ?



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Could be a lot of things, trojan, malware. I had the same, crashing during rendering, memory problems (not only with maya).
A few weeks after this started my ISP disconnected me from the internet saying i was part of a botnet and they allowed me only to a few websites through their proxyserver. I had a trojan in my MBR and after a fdisk /mbr from DOS it was still there.
Try to use Cureit, it's free and very good, you can download it here. It removed the trojan from MBR while i was in windows. After the initial check don't forget to scan all your drives.

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Try deleting the history on objects at regular intervals.

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