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Model Metalic Texture Help

Hello All,

As in my previous (first) post, I am new to these forums and Maya, so please excuse my 'noobness'.

Right, my issue:

I have an iPhone model that I got from the internet. It is already textured, but in basic colours.

The model already has the textures applied to it, and I need to change one texture so that it looks correct.

Currently it is a basic blinn grey texture, yet I need to get it look silver and metalic. I have seen some tutorials, and they all confuse me as it seems not at simple as just creating the texture (they mess with lighting/rendering settings etc). I was wondering if anyone had a quick and easy tutorial/steps to create a nice silver metalic texture to apply to my model.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

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im going to tell you the same thing i was told...

to make something look metalic you need something to reflect to see that it's metallic

and as i said in your first post:
assign mia_material_x and click preset > Chrome in the attribute editor
(hold down right button on object, go to assign new material, look for mia_material_x and let go of the right mouse button, then in the attribute editor (if it didn't pop up automatically hold right click on the object and let it go when you're on 'material properties) and at the top where there is a button preset click on that and select chrome)
you need something to reflect as well... so pop in some other objects or something

alternatively, since you're new, in your blinn shader set the colour to black (they say chrome is black, and after looking at it i'd say they're right)
boost up the reflectivity to 1,
change the reflected colour to white

and just alter those three settings from there until you get something you're happy with.

hope that gets you started user added image

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RobertMcCarthy, in addition to what Chirone said, it would help to know what renderer you're using. Maya Softwere renderer or Mental Ray? Also you can mislead someone when you refer to blinn as being a texture, fractal and checker are textures, blinn, lambert, and mia_material_x are shaders.

And as far as tutorials getting into lighting and rendering, its necessary because for performance's sake default settings are low (and non-existent environments like Chirone said) this needs to be changed or some material configurations will not look anything like they're supposed to.user added image

- Genny
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