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New Laptop!

So I'm trying to get a new comp. I'm also switching from a pentium D desktop to a laptop. I went a hunting at best buy and found some ones that I thought were pretty good considering I will want to run Maya on them user added image. I wanted to know what you guys think about them.

I know I've left out alot of info, this is just most of the basic stuff

I5-450 2.4 Ghz
4 Gb ram ddr3
500gb hard drive
geforce 310m graphics card
4 hours battery life

I3-350 2.27Ghz
4 gb ram ddr3
500 gb hard drive
Intel HD Graphics----------(Not really sure how to compare this to nividia cards?)

i3-330 1.20ghz
4 gb ram ddr3
gforce 310m graphics card
around 500gb hard drive

i7-720qm 1.60ghz (8 cpu's)
4 gb ram ddr3
geforce 330m graphics card
500gb hard drive

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The Intel HD gfx card will do you no favors at all my advice would be to avoid that one for Maya.


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My advice is don't buy a laptop... user added image
You get more value for buck on regular workstations...

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LoL, I have a cheap Toshiba Satellite Laptop that i use for when i am traveling. spent about 400$ usd on it. Granted it will not win any marathons, but it runs maya just fine if you can deal with a lower resolution and a vit of view port lag.
I do recommend though getting a mouse and not using the touchpad, because well. that's just....impossible. for me atleast.

Basically i say Drop alot of money on your desktop machine, if you want a laptop just get something that will get you by for traveling or what not. Doing large amounts of work form a laptop is impracticable anyway imh.


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I give my laptop as much as I give my desktops and its great for it, dell M6500.

If you really want a laptop be prepared for lack of upgrades with the processor and gfx.

AS Dave said though, make sure you get a dedicated graphics card, this will cost more but work, gFORCE work well. Quadro work qualified.

# 6 04-09-2010 , 06:22 PM
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hmm... well then maybe ill just get a cheaper laptop for internet use and writing papers, and buy a very nice desktop later down the road.

Thanks so much for the advice guys!

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