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Default Questions before signing up..

Greeting Maya people…

I’m fairly new to 3D but have pretty solid chops in others graphics, after effects and the core CC apps… actually quite a lot as I’m a senior IT guy. Now, I’m considering changing 3D software and have used Maya a few times, which left me with the impression it is feature rich and reasonably stable… And I’m hoping to identify support resources moving forward. But If you’ll bear with me a moment I’ll try and explain what I might hope to find here.
I have raging ADD (at your age? I’d be embarrassed)..and, paradoxically I’ve had a long career in corporate IT, and I teach technology instead of serving fries or 2x4s. This is because I learned how to learn. So… I’m not big on videos… maybe 1 in 50 … and Maya people, having not as yet seen yours… sure they are wonderful and engaging. But no… what I’m willing to pay.. what 35 bucks a month for is a forum run by people who sell video training for 35 bucks a month and as almost all the members are either customers or perspective customers they want everyone to have a nice experience. And, for the record… learning by video is to put someone else in charge of how you learn… how fast etc.
I’ve done quite well with 3D… but lotta stuff, and I regularly find myself needing a small tidbit of something I haven’t been able to coax out of the net.. An example, ok here. I’m making a short film.. and not being the guru of character animation, and not wanting to wait to produce this piece I took a character and finally got Mixamo not to cough him back up but rather teach him a whole group of animations… I was so proud. But… for reasons I don’t really understand Adobe made some changes that can only be described as “scaling back”. I’ll cut the rest of the drama and say that now, while I can reel my character back from Mixamo… while he has animations… he has no body… of mesh… sounds so impersonal. So, I have my character fully corporate (so to speak) on my computer, and now I have an exact copy of his rig… so how make him whole, with the laying on of hands? Trying to figure out how has providing me with l the basic rigging and such, which I had already tried… unsuccessfully I might add. It was a completely hideous experience totally void of entertainment… and which ultimately resulted in several hours of mind numbing random Netflix and the consumption of more Reese’s peanut butter cups then was ever intended for one person in a sitting. Somewhere there’s a person who’ll just laugh.. Haha… all you do is just take the whamo 904 and….
You get the picture. While I hope to find that guy regularly, alas I cannot as yet hope to be that guy … just yet. Hopefully soon. In the interim, if anyone has any UNIX/Linux… Oracle, MySQL… Apache… many things…I am your enthusiastic mentor… I will even show you in Webex… until you are so over it and you kid says “Dad, who’s that weird guy on your computer”?

Anyway… sorry for the unsolicited rant… if it matters I edited it by at lest 75%... still, almost 600 words… probably should at least buy a one month trial for writing a 600 word post saying nothing in particular.
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