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Default Maya Viewport Technology Preview

Hi Everyone,

Thought you might like to see this:

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Hi Cory

Looks promising.
How far along is this technology at this point, since the new versions are just around the corner ( March/April) and what are the hardware requirements is it still Open GL based or are you guys going down the direct x route ( or something else).

All in all I think it is very wise that you guys start " opening up" to the customer instead of" hiding" behind company policies( for lack of better words)
I hope you guys have an excalibur-like development plan as well and are as smart as those people at the 3ds max development team and accidentally leak the info...wink wink , but seriously keeping it all secret grows expectancy and when the product finally hits the shelf everybody is disappointed....a bit like Indiana jones 4 if you will .
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Don't need viewport mods!

Maya needs updated modeling tools and for the love of god if they do not update NURB's at least get them as stable and reliable as they were ten god damn years ago! I used to be able to achieve G1 continuity in my hard surface models pretty reliably now I'm lucky if I can get to G0! It's just sad!

It is clear to me that Autodesk has decided to invest only in maya's animation, dynamics, rigging and to some extent rendering tools although all the autodesk products are light years behind modo and lightwave for rendering and materials.

If you have questions about what G0 and G1 are just google "surface continuity G2". That will get you links that describe G0-G3 and beyond. Surface continuity is critical in REAL hard surfacing applications and has to do with the derivative of the surface vector where two surfaces meet. Tangent is G1 or the first derivative of the surface vector at the edge is ZERO. G2 means not only are the surfaces tangent but the rate of change in surface direction as you move away from the seam is the equal (or the second derivative of the surface direction vector is ZERO and so on). In automotive surfacing continuity of G3 and beyond is often required!

Trying to achieve surface continuity manually over a large surface or a bunch of separate polygon surfaces is a pain in the ass. Especially, when it used to be so easily achieved when the NURB's tools worked better then they do now. I say it that way because maya's NURB's tools were alway finicky, just not nearly as bad as they are now in 2011.

Sorry for redirecting the thread, but I am on a tear about maya's modeling tools again because I am playing with what should be a simple NURB's model and almost none of the filleting and round tools are working properly and it has me very angry!
"If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Sir Isaac Newton, 1675

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