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# 331 24-09-2014 , 10:55 PM
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Hey Colin

I wasnt going to bother answering your latest post, but as Im bored sitting on ths train home from having just finished work at on....

I know it wasnt harmful, etc etc... but to be clear, I really didnt find the post at all useful or constructive toward my own personal work and as I havent touched the model in quite a while, I just didnt understand your action for sifting through however many posts to even bother contemplating writing it...

anyway all the best


# 332 25-09-2014 , 01:18 AM
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Doesn't excuse it. This will be my last posting on this forum. The moment unwarranted censorship occurs on a community forum it is unacceptable. I used no profanity and no ill will. You have stepped above any power you have been given to shield a disliked comment. Nothing bars me from coming on this forum from time to time. Not like I haven't posted a bunch before.

The industry is small and maybe someday I will run into you. I hold no ill will but don't agree with how you censored me in this manner. Even if you were David Cameron I would request the same.

EDIT: I replied to Gman's response.

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# 333 25-09-2014 , 01:45 AM
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Jay , being the ever busy professional he is. Busy constantly with the business of entertaining the likes of yourself and many others. Doesnt have much free time to work on personal projects. So having a wip thread lasting this long really should speak to his talent via how in demand his skillset is in the professional modeling world.

Myself also a professional on the prototyping side of life in this great industry can attest that personal work always comes last.

That being said do you not find it reasonable to assume that making a post that amounts to " Jesus your modeling this as slow as molasses" could easily be considered hostile? Even more so when taken into account this thread was previously buried under 4 months of posts. Meaning you really had to dig and or search this out to post that.

Now I would love to know how your " number crunching " and arithmetic practice was in anyway in the spirit of what these forums are here to achieve?


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# 334 25-09-2014 , 03:28 AM
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In response one last time to mention G-Man that I have also been quite busy. I never called him slow and stated at the beginning of my post that I was curious in math how long Jay had this going. I actually stated this in the posting. I too have been busy running my own company.

I also have only watched a couple of his hand videos on Youtube. I also have 100's of videos online so throwing out his philanthropy in education I would consider to be about the same as mine.

That being said my work has been quite a bit as well. He nagged on me a fair bit in my thread. So this is not like criticism hasn't been slung my way either. I never requested him to take anything back on that and in some parts I disagreed. The problem is censorship over freedom of speech. This forum is here to exchange ideas. If you cdon't like it and it is not profane you should not be able to remove just because you disagree.

As for finding the post I sort by posts on this thread. Given mine is up there. So I didn't have to look far given it is one of the largest. So the 4 page argument makes little sense to me. My thread is right above it.

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# 335 25-09-2014 , 08:44 AM
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Posts: 6,287 you said, 'the forum is to exchange ideas', that wasnt an idea in the least, and I didnt feel it was constructive crit to my work. And so I used my so called 'power' to keep my thread clean.

As for your 'nagged' comment, I do not gloss about anything, I say it how it is.

If we run into each other in the industry, great, I look forward to a natter and a sit down with you over a cup of coffee and some of my wifes home made cup cakes that frequent the work place, unless they,ve been eaten already. I thoroughly recommend them.

see you on the circuit!!


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