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Layered Texture Maps and UVSets [Maya/FBX]


I have an object that requires a layered texture. The first layer is the base diffuse map and will be assigned to UVMap1 the second layer is dirt and grime diffuse map assigned to UVMap2. The different UVSets help me isolate what aspects of the model are clean and dirty as well as enhance highly visible area’s.

To achieve this in Maya I would use Layered Texture, assign both my maps, adjust the blending, then use the relationship editor to setup UV-centric UV linking. Maya correctly displayed the results, however when I expect to FBX both material maps are suddenly linked to UVMap1.

I am currently using the Quicktime Plug-in to view the FBX file, and I suspect that using the relationship editor is causing the problem.

Is this possible with FBX? If so is there a better way to handle this?

Using Maya 2012 x64 with FBX 2012.2

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This is actually an issue with the QuickTime plugin, everything is being correctly exported from Maya. It's just simply not supported.


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