Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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i feel like giving up..
i tried the maya tutorials with maya...they are not that well written.....i tried learning from, but only a few videos are done for that....i wanted to try gnomon dvd's but u gotto pay for em!

I am soo cheap dad wont buy me maya 4.5 fundamentals (its a bit expensive in Canada), and i am just tired..
now, my friend, who uses max knows a lot about it..

and me, and him, and a couple of other people are working on a short film (

i am supposed to be the animation director for it....all i can say is that i am really tired....i cant learn this..i am 14, so i cant go to college, i cant afford a lot of things.. frustrated.....i wanna learn...i really wanna learn.....but its sooo hard.....sooo hard..
the expectation for the movie are really high......i really gotto learn...but how! i tried everything i could....but.....i just give up!
i tried a couple of free tut's online....either they are not very descriptive and talk about things that a person like me does not know of.....
its all so frustrating....
good...i already saved soo much money to buy the dammed program....for god's sake..i want to make it work!

so frustrated...might as well ask u people

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Everybody feels like that sometimes...dotn worry!

The Important thing here is the exact opposite of what you feel... DONT give up! that's what you'll learn it... Me personally have been there LOTS of times but hey, I"m still here...

What do you have problems with? modeling? techniques? or just basic maya things and how they work?


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dude, you're 14... give it time!

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Relax and have patience. This stuff takes time to understand. We've all been there before, so what you're feeling right now is completely normal. I've been doing 3D for almost 10 years now, and it's been a continuous learning process.

If you can, I would highly recommend checking out the video tutorials from this site, especially the VIP vids. They are very good at showing you what to do and how to do it. Getting books is one thing, but seeing the work in action is another thing entirely.

Also, post any questions that you may have here on the forums and on the IRC channel. There are quite a few regulars in the chat room every night (myself and mtmckinley included), and we are more than happy to help you out.

Most of all, don't give up! user added image

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hey im 15/16 and im nowhere near the skill level of some of the people on this board, like mike said, give it time and take it in little steps, thats what i didnt do now im drowning in deep water

- Simon

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i got problems in everything...i cant modell, dynamics...anything! i really wanna learn all this...but......which books? which videos? I know good things about the VIP tut's but, as i said before, u gotto pay for em....i really am on a tight budget here..a 14 year old really cant afford much now..
i know talent comes with pacience and practive....but for now, i need the skills to practice and imrpove my talent.....

[damn...macromedia flash was soo much easier]

# 7 05-02-2003 , 12:57 AM
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Flash is way easier because alot of the background stuff is done for you. Maya is a hardcore program and requires some work to learn it.....look at me I haven't touched maya in a bit and I know I forgot alot of it (I am a new dad so the regular routines have changed). I am gonna get more RAM etc and then get back into it. The key is working at it....your gonna get frustrated and your gonna pull out some hair, but keep going.

The best book for noobs is Maya 4.0 Fundamentals. It explains alot and will guide you a great deal. take the tutorials on this site, they will also help you out alot.

-Saiyanuser added image

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Hey, dpvtank i was once your age and did the same stuff.. wanted to learn tons of stuff, and I did. Since I have been 12 i have been working in graphical programs and learning html and webdesign. One piece of advice that i think others have probably gave is, do not give up. Also, if you had to learn like i did, without books.. then you just have to learn that tutorials and other things are NOT a one time go. You cant just take a tutorial and be like, oh yea.. i understand that. I went through hundreds and hundreds of tutorials (im serious) until I started getting foundation. I also learned flash and all that stuff, and well.. its basic stuff right? Now forget about your age and just keep trying basic level tutorials until you learn a new tool, then go on to others.. and keep learning new tools and then come back to a older one, then you can get farther in it. Basically, its not a easy process at most times if you learn off of the net, but once you get the foundation down of almost any program.. then it really becomes easier. Also, if you are puzzled about which books and stuff.. then thats what the internet is for user added image.. to learn stuff like that. So go onto and search up maya books and read reviews, and ask on SimplyMaya, and then when you have really gave it a lot of thought.. then you can buy a book with some savings. So, keep on trying, and trying and trying and within months you will be saying the same thing to the other people posting the same messages as this, and you will feel proud.

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Get all of the free tutorials from this site and start with one and go through it SEVERAL TIMES....over and over....when you feel like you get the idea, do the tutorial again...then go to the next..etc..

Everyone gets frustrated. It's not just 3d but anything worthwhile in life.

It's the people that DON'T give up when they feel like giving up that make it in life.

Oh, and learn takes's'll get there.

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well..i know about the books...there are soo many books with good reviews...i thought u guys might tell me which book to pick up..
there is the maya 4.5 handbook, maya x bible, maya 4.5 fundamentals..

also heard a few things about the maya savvy book

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Maya Fundamentals I would recommend for beginners (like me)..

It explains things that are easy to follow and the tutorials are pretty good...

That's the book I bought. Besides following the tutorials on this website (which are great BTW)
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i just did the ring of fire free tut...i was amazed by what i could do myself...

i just feel a lot more hopefull now then before...just a bit more though....
seeing all those cool movies like final fantasy, lotr, etc, i wonder to myself that will i ever be able to do smething like that

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remember that most of those folks have been doing this for quite some time.

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Originally posted by Emo
Everybody feels like that sometimes...dont worry!

The Important thing here is the exact opposite of what you feel... DONT give up! -Emo

Great advice!! thx emo


Just hang in there bro, do simple things, simple shapes..its ok mate! Even if you think its utter rubbish just post it! ask how you can better it!

Ask many questions ...we are here to help you mate.

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Sometimes it can be overwhelming to do a short film, especially when you're just learning. So many things might pop through you're head, that it gets frustrating, and you end up doing nothing. Well, that's what's happened to me anyway. just relax, don't worry about trying to learn everything in one shot. Take one thing at a time; like mentioned before, do one thing over and over a few times till it sticks, then go to the next thing. Look at the tutorial links forum for more free tutorials around the net, save a few bucks a week until you get enough to buy some points for VIP(it's like $25 for 14points) , or a book user added image

and have fun user added image


God Bless you and 3D
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