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Problem with snapping when extruding

hello everybody,

im new to maya, its pretty different to what im used to, im doing the interior design tutorial, im following the video but there some bits that arent working,

im trying to move part of a rectangle down and i want it to snap to an edge loop but it wont work its attached to all the other geometry in the space and it moves it all, in the video she uses vertices all the time and she merges them but that doesnt seem to do anything on mine?

ill be grateful for help thanks alot

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Not seen that tut but you can use the merge vertice tool, go to vertice mode then edit mesh, merge vertice tool(click on that) left button over vert hold down then move to other vert you want to merge with...........dave

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I have not seen that tutorial and your description is not making it clear to me what exactly your are trying to do. Can you possibly make it a bit clearer? Maybe a screen shoot and some annotation?

For vert, curve and grid snapping you hold the v, c, and x key while middle mouse gesturing over the component or grid you want to snap too. You can constrain the movement to an axis by highlighting the axis you wish to strain to on the move manipulator before snapping.

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