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Option missing in Shrinkwrap - Maya 2014

Hello everyone,

I'm a total rookie here and hope this will be my go-to-site all things related to Maya in the future.
Let me jump right in with a question for anyone using 2014 on Mac OSX: Do you guys have the 'other surfaces' option on Transform Constraints in the new modelling toolkit? I have been trying to use the ever so cool shrinkwrap technique but I do NOT have the 'other surfaces' option that I see Windows people seem to have on the YouTube and DigitalTutors videos.. Once again, the option is not greyed out, it's not even there! All I have is 'Off' , 'Edge Slide' and 'Surface Slide'.
Not that it matters but for reference, I'm running a 2.3 GHz i7 16GB Macbook Pro.
This issue is bothering me so much I really wish to get to the bottom of this for once and all.

Much appreciated.

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