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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
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nearest unfilltered

if it put my hardware texture to Nearest (Unfiltered) and later on reload the texture my texture gets blurry

this also happens when i load up the save

is there a way to stop it from going blurry in my viewport every time i reload the save or reload a texture?
(maybe script that does it form me)
(the textures is used are minecraft textures so thats around 32x32 or 16x16)

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I think you may have run into a legitimate issue here.

Run this. Basically, it searches for all shaders, changes the filters and makes a node that that is saved with the scene, which enables the script to run whenever the scene is loaded.

global proc gen_unfilteredTextures(){
	// list all shaders
	string $materialList[] = `ls -type "shadingEngine"`;

	// this variable will be assigned the value of the shader's
	// material info node
	string $matInfo;
	// start cycling through the list
	for ($shader in $materialList){
		// start searching for material info node
		string $connections[] = `listConnections $shader`;		
		for ($item in $connections){
			if (`objectType $item` == "materialInfo")
				$matInfo = $item;
		// to avoid any script stopping errors, check if matInfo node exists
		// before acting on it
		if(`objExists $matInfo`)
			setAttr ($matInfo + ".textureFilter") 2;
	// panel needs to be redrawn to update textures

// node that attaches script to scene, and will run whenever file loads
scriptNode -st 2 -bs gen_unfilteredTextures;

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