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# 1 28-08-2014 , 02:00 PM
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Some meshes turned green after reloading the scene.


I have a serious problem with maya where some of my objects on scene that were ok couple minutes before closing the maya became green after opening the same scene a minute later (no reference files were changed, moved or whatever, so nothing changed in environment). The materials on those objects are ok, the textures references are there, everything is fine... but objects are still green and I can't do anything about them.

I had the same problem earlier and fixed it only by copying those objects from earlier copies of the model into the existing but that creates copies of the same materials I already have and the names changes so I have enough of this solution already, is there any other way to fix it? Since those are objects that are made of "leaves" and selecting all those leaves to reapply the materials is um... time consuming.

Am working on Maya 2015 with all hotfixes applied.


EDIT: fun fact: the objects that use the same materials but were hidden didn't get corrupted.

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When an object turns green it usually means that the shader that was assigned to it was deleted.

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Well yeah, except for the fact that if I reassign the same shader again that was earlier there (the name still appears in the Attribute Editor btw, and I'm not creating a new one but reusing the previous one that maya lost reference to) then it is ok. So, is there an easier way to reassign the shaders without doing it exclusively for each object?

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For your leaves, if they are named consistently, you can use the "select by name" tool and select all the leaves, then right click on the shader and "Assign material to selection".

Or, and this might be a long shot, if by some chance there still is a connection from the shader to the objects, you could right click "select objects with material" and then "assign material to selection". That would be the fastest way if it works.

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file- set project, make sure maya knows where it should be looking for your textures and stuff. not sure if this is the case since its looking for your shaders, but thats all i can think of right now. also try deleting your history, sometimes some scripts or tools can mess up your materials

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It's not the problem with missing textures but broken shader links, but anyway, it never happened in earlier versions of Maya and in Maya 2015 it happens with any model I save (it happens with *.mb and *.ma files) and since I'm not using anything that is not by default included with the software I find it strange that bug count in maya rises rather than decrease... or not:

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the only way I found to avoid the breaking is... hide the objects you don't want broken before saving lol

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