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All polygons get textured by one image

1st off, I am sorry if this has come up before. I didn't look through all the posts.
2nd, I have had maya for a few months, and have mainly animated in it, not modeled anything.
I wanted to try modeling.

Ok, so when I create a polygon in maya, such as Earth, and I want to create a moon as well, I create 2 spheres, one bigger than the other. I apply an Earth texture to the bigger one, which goes well. I then go to texture the 2nd sphere with a moon texture, to find it has also been textured with the Earth texture. When I try to remove it, it removes the texture from the 1st one as well. This only happens with a few models, as I downloaded a few models from the internet, and they textures fine. I don't know what I am doing wrong, can someone help?user added image

Jon (Nacho Productions)

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Hi Jon, you need to create two separate shaders, one for the earth sphere and one for the moon sphere.

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By default, when you create any primitives in Maya (ie. spheres) they are given a default shader called Lambert1. It's a good rule of thumb to not edit Lambert1 as if you do, anything you make in the future will also have those changes. So if you make Lambert1 transparent, then any new geometry you create will be transparent as well. Or if you apply an Earth texture to Lambert1, everything else with Lambert1 will have an Earth texture as well.

Right click on an object and toward the bottom of the marking menu that pops up is the option to Assign New Material. You'll want to do that. Choose Lambert (which can be changed later) and now you'll have Lambert2 assigned to your object and are free to edit that material without making changes to Lambert1.

Hope that helps.

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