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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Dragon Head

I've been working on the dragon tutorial and here is where I'm at with the head so far. I need to work a bit more on the lower jaw and fix the wrinkled ear flap thingy, but other than that I think it looks pretty good.

Any thoughts on areas that need to be tweaked a bit?

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Nice job so far user added image few details to fix but i'd say you where of to a good start


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Okay... I KNOW that this is an OOOOOLD Thread. I TOTALLY get that... BUT!! I was wondering if this is offered anywhere??

I cannot find this tutorial on this site or anywhere, for that matter. I went so far as to even Google this, to see if MAYBE y'all had it posted there somewhere.

Is this tutorial THAT old?? LOL. Maybe it is, but I would LOVE to give it a go, none the less. : )

So ANY suggestions on where I can find this puppy... anywhere... ???

ANY help is greatly appreciated and I will thank you all, in advance. Thanks! : ) -EB

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