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Ext 2 - New render layer system

Who's been using the new render layer system "Render Setup" in Maya 2016.5 or Ext 2?

Two questions:
1) Is there any way to re-order the render layers? This defines what renders first, I presume, and it was super easy in the legacy system.

2) Is there any way to re-use collections across render layers? It's kind of a pain to create identical "All_my_Geo" collections in many render layers. Or at the very least, duplicate a collection, since you might want the "same" collection in different layers to have different overrides. Can't figure this one out.

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Hi There,
I had the same issue actually. Really frustrated that I could not "copy and paste" or duplicate a render layer easily.

I think I've found the solution:
Instead of copy and pasting - Right click on your collection and "export selected" - saving the collection as a .json. Then, when you want to add that collection to another layer, right click that new layer and select "import user template".

Edit: Just realized there is a limitation to this however. If you change the collection in one layer it wont update in the others. Though I guess they would tell you to use some sort of expression to populate the layers instead... *shrug*

I don't understand why they wont let you alt/ctrl + drag collections. It's ridiculous. If anyone out there knows a better way, please let us know.
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