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# 1 07-10-2016 , 06:54 PM
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extra faces after extrusion

Hi Guys,
Hoping this is just a noobish oversight on my part. When I extrude an edge inward along the face I am creating a new and shorter face. For example if I create a cylinder and want to extrude the top edge inward to hold the creates new faces along the top, so two layers of faces. Its fine if I want say to have the center open, I can just delete the full faces. But if I want to use that on the cylinders top as a holding ring then I cant erase the original faces.
I get same behaviour anytime I extrude edges on any shape inward along the original faces, double layers.
Suggestions welcome.

# 2 07-10-2016 , 11:24 PM
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Check your extrude settings. Edit Mesh, extrude then click the options box and see how many extrusions are set...

# 3 13-10-2016 , 07:36 PM
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Thanks, that seems to have fixed it user added image

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