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Radial head modelling in mastering maya 2


i am an newbie working in maya ple 4.5 and i have mastering maya 2.

i am currently trying to make the head at the end of the nurbs section (page 194). the book says the technique is called "radial method".

i cannot get the "very rough figure of a human head" done....can someone please guide me or show me a tutorial how to do it. i do not want to skip the topic....

thanx a lot !!!!


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i think mike would be the person to ask about this, hes a great modeller
but you could try more basic books (like savvy and fundamentals) because the mastering maya series are more advanced

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there's a tutorial in the vip section about just this very subject - and it's done by mike as well user added image


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thanx a lot, everyone !!!!

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