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Default material (shaders)

I have a polygon cube (Create/Primitives) and would like to make it shiny gold.
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Choose Windows>Rendering Editors>Hypershade. In here, you can create and assign shaders. To the left You should see a long list of nodes. Directly above this list is a button dropdown thing that will tell you which nodes are displayed. Having nodes displayed on this list makes creating shaders easy as opposed to choosing (in hypershade) Create>whatever.

For a gold shader, we should create a Phong material. Materials are things like Blinn, Lambert, Phong, etc. Simply click the Phong button in the list of nodes and one will be created in the top view of hypershade. If you double-click the swatch you just created in the top view of hypershader (it should be named Phong1) a window will pop up. This window lists all the attributes for the Phong shader.

In here, you should see a Color attribute under the Common Material Attributes tab. Click the grey color box and a color window should appear. Here, you can choose the color by draging anywhere on the palette or by entering values near the bottom.

You should see an H, S, and V value near the botton of this window. For a good gold color, let's choose 51.14 for H, 1 for S, and .198 for V. This gives us a very dark yellow color.

Accept the settings for the Color Chooser window, then click on the Specular Color box underneath the Specular Shading tab. Change this to a dull golden color. H at 45.6, S at 1, and V at 1 gives us a nice look. Accept the settings.

Two attributes below the Specular Color you should see a Reflected Color attribute. Click on the color box for it and change it to a brownish color. H at 33.66, S at 1, and V at .427 are good values. Click Accept.

Expand the Special Effects tab. You should see a Glow Intensity attribute. Set the value to .149.

Last, but not least, expand the Raytrac Options tab and look for a Reflection Limit attribute. Change this to 10.

We have now created a Gold shader. Close the Attribute Editor for Phong1. Select your object in your scene. Right-click Phong1 swatch in hypershade. Select "Assign Material to Selection." The Phong1 material is now on your object. Another way to assign the Phong1 to your object is to right-click your object, choose Materials>Assign Existing Material>Phong1.

Now you can render your object and you'll have a nice gold look to your object. This shader is the exact shader set-up for the denfo gold shader at

If you'd like to see complex shaders or just grab a few to keep, this is a good website to obtain them. If you'd like to learn more about the attributes used in making the gold shader, you should be able to find information about them in the help files. Press F1 and read your heart out.
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