Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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hehehe...I know what ya mean. The older I get, the more I tend to be nervous when wading at the beach ,especially if I can't see below me. If I have a mask on, I can at least get an idea of what's around me....not that that would mean much if a tiger, bull, or great white decide to barrel into me and take a chunk out of my leg....yeesh.

I tell you what, when I did my open water dives for my certification, it was along a reef wall -- reef to the right and open blue to the left. I found myself getting very nervous when moving away from the reef and just into the blue....perhaps it's the fact that there's nowhere to hide or back yourself against in an emergency situation...being caught in the open. Truth be told, though...half the time you're your own worst enemy in the water with fear and whatnot. I suppose it's always good to have a little fear as it keeps you alert should a dangerous situation occur.

Diving in open water makes you realize just how small you are in this tiny world.

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Shit. I´m starting to get nervous now. Lol.

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Nah, it's all good, bud. Sharks are more interested in surfers in bathers. Neoprene isn't very tasty. user added image

"Terminat Bora Diem, Terminal Auctor opus."
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Lol, if the fact that they taste with their mouths is true, then they wouldn´t know if it´s tasty or not AFTER biting right?
I can see it man. I can see it. I´m scared. user added image

"Diver in Vzla loses one leg and his penis after shark attack" user added image

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So what? hehe.. We'll just start callin ya stubby right? hehe...

j/k m8user added image

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Adl, I wish you all the best in whatever direction your path takes you...just remember there's a multitude of trails, feel free to take a new one whenever you want user added image


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Hell's dragons of steel who roar in their chains
Crawl into my caves to suck out my veins.....

-The Mountain P.F.M.
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EagleKing (Very crazy dude. Would get depressed in a matter of seconds. Then be back to normal as if nothing happened. Don´t tell him jack about his cousin though .. he still thinks it´s a blapshemy. )

user added image

anyway... It was a pleasure to get kicked 30 times outta the irc of you. user added image

I wish you best luck on earth any many many chicks

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Good Luck Bro,, fallow your dreams and desires an never stop, best wishes to you.
-Ron Tillery-user added image

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Ok... WTF is going on here? I become more active at SM and now the MODS are leaving? WTF did I do? Is it me? Do I stink? Do I smell funny? What? What are you looking at? Why are you staring at me? Stop it!... STOP IT! NOOOOOO!....

ummm, sorry.. had one of my damn paranoiac episodes.

hey adl... there ain't no reason why you still cant hang around. Besides, if you go, that's one less 'head' I get to paste onto other ppl's bodies. user added image

user added image

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Originally posted by GreyFox
Can't say I knew you, but you were one of the posters here I've read most posts from, even before I started posting.

This place won't be the same without you. user added image

Yeah dude ive gotta say the same thing.Take care man good luck in everything u do.Suerte en todo y que las cosas en tu pais se mejoren mano.Anyways dude ill send ya my email so if ya ever need to talk with someone in spanish u send me one.Take care Adl dude.user added image Dios te bendiga bro user added image

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Gracias por las palabras amigo. user added image
Estoy seguro que todo va a mejorar tanto para mi como para todos por acá.

Thanks for the kind words buds. I´ve lowered a lot my posts per day, but as you can see I´m still taking part in some interesting topics. Hopefully this will be the case for as long as the forum keeps running around. user added image

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spent alot of my time in IRC with u, eagle and the others a few months back, man u cud be annoying but a f******* gud laugh and just the kind of moderater we all want to have.
Lol yup i noticed u havnt actually left, many topics mentioned it but i kept seeing u creeping up in the odd post, now it all makes sence. Anyway good luck with the future, your a fantastic artist and i hope all goes well with your next leap into the creative world.

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Holy Sh** I cant beleive what I just readuser added image
i too have been very busy

Wife / kids / New House / My Buisness

I havent had much time for Maya lately But I will always be here. please rethink your importane to us all and STAY.user added image

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OMG i kan't beleive i missed this whole thread, I sitll take you on that challenge ADL, even if it has to be 2d (i recently got a tablet). Sad to hear ya go, but i can't hold back someone if they're persuing creativity. Good luck man, and sorry for the lateness, i've not really been around much rencently either.

Tu eres un amigo mejor!

"When you are born, you have a resposiblilty to program you're own mind, if you do not accept this responsiblilty, then the world will do it for you"
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ADL best of luck. But man I cant live with out you stoping buy the threads I have models and stuf in and giving me pointers !!!! I wish you all the luck though. Your good in art, and it dose me good to see someone makeing it at that in any department !!

Crap man.. I was looking forward to some bashing on the horse in the Nov/Dec challenge.. (pouts)


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