Introduction to Maya - Rendering in Arnold
This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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Grouping Polys, Skeltons, and IK's

I have a crab leg I need to duplicate and rotate a little to make the 6 leggs of a Blue Crab. I have the one leg finished, with it's skeleton, and an IK handle to make the leg bend (I have the skeleton in a Rigid Bind to the polygons.). The only problem I have is that I cannot seem to get everyone to behave when I rotate.

I put all 3 of the pieces (polys, skeleton, and IK) in an empty group, but when I try to rotate the group, the polygon leg rotates like 2X faster than the skeleton and it's IK handle.

Anyone have a remedy for this? I would really like to have my skeleton and such to move with my legs to make animation easy. I can attach screenshots later if needed to clarify my point.

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What you're getting is called a double transform. You have the poly leg affected by 2 objects: the skeleton and the group. Solution is to ungroup the poly leg from the empty group. You don't need to group the poly leg because it is already controlled by the skeleton.

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