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# 1 12-01-2004 , 11:44 PM
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SubDiv to Poly problem

Hello, I'm new here and pretty new to Maya as well. I keep getting this problem whenever I convert a SubDiv model to Polys.
I set the Tesselation method to Vertices, the Level to zero, and and the Original Object to replace, and the conversion seems to go allright, but then when I start pulling the vertices on the resulting polygon, things get weird. It seems like there appears to be some sort of "invisible mesh" over the poly object. Like I'll select a point and move it, but what moves instead is another point that was right over the one I selected. The edges that extend from that point are connected to other points just like it, and the faces are completely transparent. How can I fix this?


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Can you post a pic up... sounds like you got a proxy mesh or something along that line causing the trouble.

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it could be the same bug I was expirancing with maya 4.5 when I converted SubD' to poly I got both a poly object and a nother one.. I was never really sure if the other object was a poly or subD.
In short even when I had it ticked to replace the object. I still ended up with more than one object in the same place.

it seems it happens with some peoples maya.. and others it dosn't.

I just look in the outliner for the converted object and delet the others.

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Thanks for the replies. Here's a crappy pic of the problem.

Edit: Ok, it turns out there was something called polyToSubdShape1HistPoly was parented to polyToSubd1 in the Outliner. Deleting that took care of the problem. I still have no idea why the vertices doubled in number when converting to a poly. Sorry if my terminology is unclear, I'm still learning exactly what everything's called.

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