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Old 01-10-2007, 08:19 AM   #46
Lt Jim
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Where In The World Are You?

I live in New York City, in the borough of Queens (yes, home of Archie Bunker, the Jerky Boys, &c &c).

What do you do?

I am freelancing (as I have been for some time now) as a good old-fashioned traditional analog animator. I am also a working jazz musician and bandleader. I am also a member of the 42nd Infantry Division Band, NY Army National Guard. Somehow between all of these, the bills get paid! BTW my name IS Jim and I was a Lieutenant in the US Navy (I'm a Sargent now and will retire with the rank of Captain). It was a nickname the jazz and animation world gave me to distinguish me from all the other "Jims" out there, and it stuck...

How old are you now, how long ago did you start using maya

Like Arran, I'm afraid to say, but unlike Arran, I will! I'm two score and five! I started using Maya a little over five years ago when I took an immersion class in Maya.

What got you into maya/3d graphics?

Unfortunately, necessity is what got me into Maya. I am in presently in the midst of what amounts to a mid-life career change. Traditional animation is fast being replaced by CGI, and I figured back then I'd best hop on the wagon sooner than later. While I have been working steadily on Maya for over five years, it is only within the last 18 months or so that everything is finally coming together. WHAT A LEARNING CURVE! My goal is to land some sort of staff position somewhere as a Maya animator.

Besides 3d and computers what else do you enjoy?

Playing music, Freemasonry, Church activities. I also enjoy doing things with the Mrs.! My other hobby is model railroading, and I'm rather good at it (I've built models professionally). Problem is, no time or space right now!

Your favorite type of music

Jazz and classical is all I listen to. Period! I don't hate rock but I don't listen to it. As for pop/rap/techno/&c, it literally burns holes in my brain every time I'm subjected to it. Maybe I'm just an old culture snob! :-)

As to the other questions?

What's your favorite video game?

Unfortunately, I don't play vids. There's simply no time right now! However, the one game which I found inspirational is "Crimson Skies". A nice concept, and some rather nice hypothetical airplane designs!

What's your favorite movie?

I have no one favorite, but I like sweeping historical epics. My favorite movies made during the past forty years would include "Barry Lyndon" and "Waterloo" (about the battle). Of recent movies, my favorite is probably "Master and Commander".

What do I think of Bill Gates?

As a person? I've never met him. I believe he is a philanthropist, therefore he's OK in my book.

Good thread!
"Ad astra per aspera..."
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Old 02-10-2007, 04:28 AM   #47
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Originally posted by marlonjohn
Yeah pretty insane ey Gonna get it the day i get my new computer, within the end of the month or so

Check out this video if you havnt seen it so far, pretty awesome...
nice vid marlonjohn never seen it. It's amazing how much creativity they pulled off on this new title.
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