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Default Modeling file size

Hello guyz.........
i have model a wheel for the car i have modelin maya.I have model the wheels separately with all details after applying smoothness, maya becomes very slow. My system configuration is core 2 quad 2.66 ghz 4 gb ram and ati 5770 graphics card is my system is not powerful enough to handle a model of a wheel. The file size of the wheel is 17 mb. please help me........
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Have you tried deleting the history..........dave

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Can you post a picture of the wheel with wireframe & poly/tri numbers switched on ?
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You may need to work with proxy models of the wheels for positioning and rendering and you can also switch on the graphics display mode that turns off smooth render when changing camera views. I believe it is a setting under the camera tab.
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Try to avoid using smooth as much as possible.
You can tell mental ray to subdivide at render time, or just have the smooth occur as a pre-render script.

If its really essential to have the smooth visible in maya at some point then duplicate the mesh and then smooth the duplicate so you can switch between the two when needed.
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a 17 mb file of a wheel does sound like a little overkill even smoothed. you have either too much history in that file or just plain too much geometry. i got here a 1.8 mb big file and one model in there got about 37k tris in it. maya will warn me every time i try to turn smooth mesh preview on. of course maya will let me smooth it again. there is never going to be a warning about that (and i did that just to check out how maya handles a big enough model it had the guts to warn me about before). but then if i do that maya gets really really slow and unresponsive - even selecting that model takes a second or two - switching to component mode and selecting a few things? you better grab a coffee. your graphic card will however not even break a sweat displaying your model in the viewport - and tumbling it around should still work faster than your display can display it.

and like joey said - a screen shot w/ wire and poly count would be very useful in further fixing your problem ....

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