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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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MAYA 4.5


I want to thank everyone who contributed ideas to my ‘floppy ear’ problem. I have a set of IK ears controlled by curve boxes that works now.

The new problem is getting the new ear rigs to move with the head. If I parent them to the ‘all node’ the ears will move with the whole rig but when I go in to move the head, the ears stay where they were created while the head moves around them.

Is there a special way I need to treat the roots of the ears to attach them to the head so it not only travels with the entire rig but acts as if it is also part of the head?

Do I need a null somewhere? An expression? Constraints? What combination applied in what order? I’ve been using that Premiere Press book ‘Inspired 3D Character Set-up’ and find it is an excellent source. If you’re familiar with that book you know how the IK spine is set-up. I’ve used that approach as the basis for making these ears but I don’t seem to be able to adjust the technique enough to completely solve my ear chain problem. Any thoughts?

Anybody out there have e-mail addresses for Michael Ford or Alan Lehman (editors of the ‘Inspired’ book)?


Tim L.

p.s. What forum should I be using for these 'rigging' questions? It's not really modeling and it's not really animation. TL.

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