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Simply Maya - Modeling and Projects - Characters

Burt The Cartoon Dinosaur Vol 1 - Modeling

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
This tutorial takes you through the modeling of Burt the Cartoon Dinosaur. Special attention is paid to creating nice topology with quads and an edge flow that ...

Burt The Cartoon Dinosaur Vol 2 - Texturing

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
This tutorial starts with the creation of the UV map using new techniques in Maya 2016. Using this UV workflow it's possible to UV a character like this in arou...

Robot volume one - Modeling with animation in mind

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
In this tutorial we cover the creation of the robot you can see in the images below. We designed this character as he has a few different techniques that go int...

Surfing with the Alien - The Complete Series

Price: $79.95 Video Credits: 44
Learn the complete character workflow for VFX in Maya and ZBrush with all three volumes of Surfing with the Alien. This series was created by Jason Edwards who'...

Organic Modeling - Surfing with the Alien

Price: $29.95 Video Credits: 16
In this project Jason Edwards takes you through the modeling and UV layout of our Surfing with the Alien character. Jason's been in the 3D industry for many yea...

Stylized Cartoon Male - The GI

Price: $44.95 Video Credits: 26
In this project-based series Jay Edwards, who's been in the VFX industry for 15 years and now works at Digital Domain as a senior modeler, takes you through his...

Creating Organic Caricatures - Chef Ramsay

Price: $49.95 Video Credits: 26
Learn how to create production characters in Maya and prepare them for rigging and animation. In this project Jay Edwards, now a senior modeler at Digital Domai...

Stylized Cartoon Female - Red Girl

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
In this project we'll create the stylized cartoon character you can see above. The tutorial covers the complete creation of the red girl and includes the modeli...

Low Poly Character Study - Tribal Warrior

Price: $19.95 Video Credits: 11
In this tutorial we model and texture a low poly character with a set poly limit of 3500 triangles. It's a good project for beginners who are new to organic mod...

Character Study - The Fantasy Female

Price: $39.95 Video Credits: 25
In this complete project covering modeling and texturing you'll learn how to make female character models in Maya. This is mainly a sculpting tutorial where we ...

Cartoon Character Creation - Santa

Price: $24.95 Video Credits: 14
In this fun Christmas tutorial suitable for beginners in Maya we create a stylized cartoon version of Santa. We model out the main shapes with NURBS spheres and...

Low Poly Character Study - Freeky

Price: $14.95 Video Credits: 8
This short three and a half hour project goes over the complete process of modeling, UV layout and some basic texture painting for the low polygon character you...

Creating Anime Style Characters

Price: $34.95 Video Credits: 20
In this project we model based on only one concept sketch without using side and front image planes. It is quite common in a production environment that you are...

Low Poly Modeling for Games

Price: $14.95 Video Credits: 8
This is a great beginner tutorial for someone who's new to Maya or has never modeled an organic character before as we create a low polygon model which is a lot...
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