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Cinematic Compositing - The Asteroid Chase
Key Features
In this exciting tutorial, you will learn how to take pre-rendered layers and composite this classic, cinematic asteroid chase. Once all of the footage assets are in we layer and pre-compose the elements for the final shot and take you through the process of adding various effects and learn how to achieve that movie like look.

explosions in maya

With our first shot completed we move on to creating a second one by re-using effects and settings which will ultimately provide more continuity and allow for better time-efficiency. Another thing we look at in this tutorial is how to apply color correction and grading together with post-production motion blur. You'll learn how to create some great motion graphics for a classic heads-up-display (HUD) which will then be used as an overlay element for one of the shots.

  • Color Correction
  • Motion Blur in Post
  • Adding a Cinematic Feel
  • Post Production Workflow
  • Compositing Render Layers
  • Creating a Movie Sequence in After Effects

After watching this tutorial you will have developed an in-depth understanding of how compositing is used in production environments. Most renders created in 3D applications like Maya eventually end up with being composited in post production, so a greater understanding of how this process works will give you a better workflow and make you more attractive to potential employers.

This tutorial was created for Simply Maya by Dave Scotland who's worked for Disney Australia.

  • Length: 2 Hours 23 Minutes
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Software: After Effects
  • Format: MPEG
  • Points Cost: 8
  • Price: $14.95
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Cinematic Compositing - The Asteroid Chase
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