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Introduction to Dynamic Concepts in Maya
Key Features
In this training kit we create a six second animation of golden rings bouncing out of a falling wineglass which we shade, light and render in mental ray. It's a workflow tutorial which will give you enough information to start designing your own dynamic simulations and experiment with Maya's more advanced lighting processes and depth of field.

We start out in part one using rigid body dynamics for object placement, a technique that will save you time when simulating with multiple objects like this. In the second part we make the animation for the falling glass and use rigid bodies to simulate the rings bouncing out. The third part shows how you can use Maya's attribute spread sheet to tweak multiple attributes simultaneously. We then bake the final simulation into a keyframe animation.

  • Dynamic Object Placement
  • Keyframe Animation
  • Rigid Body Dynamics
  • Attribute Spread Sheet & Graph Editor
  • Baking Dynamic Simulations
  • Rendering in Mental Ray
  • Image Based Lighting
  • Glass & Gold Materials
  • Final Gather & Global Illumination
  • Creating Caustic Lights
  • Depth of Field in Mental Ray
  • Mental Ray Physical Lense Shader
  • Lumunance Depth Render Layers
  • Mental Ray Approximation Editor
  • Batch Rendering
  • Depth of Field in After Effects (optional)

Holiday Special Dynamics Bundle

In part four we look at lighting and rendering with image based lighting, final gather, global illumination and caustics. We also use the physical lense shader to render depth of field in mental ray. In part five we render out a luminance depth layer to get depth of field in post and batch render our final animation. The final part covers depth of field in After Effects. This part is optional and you don't need After Effects to follow this tutorial as we render depth of field in Maya as well, but it's included as a way to save you time and give you some insight into post-production.

A review of this project can be found here.

  • Length: 1 Hours 37 Minutes
  • Level: Intermediate
  • Software: Maya 2011
  • Format: MPEG
  • Points Cost: 14
  • Price: $24.95
Lesson Breakdown
  • Lesson 1: Dynamic Object Placement
  • Lesson 2: Rigid Body Simulations
  • Lesson 3: Attribute Spread Sheet
  • Lesson 4: IBL/Caustics/DOF in Mental Ray
  • Lesson 5: ZDepth Pass & Batch Rendering
  • Lesson 6: DOF in post
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Introduction to Dynamic Concepts in Maya
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