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Introduction to Organic Modeling in Maya
Key Features
This is a short organic modeling project and it's great for someone who's new to creating organic characters as it gives you a general overview of the techniques without being too demanding. Starting on a highly detailed models if you have never worked with organic sculpting in Maya can be a bit discouraging as it takes a long time to get a great end result and that's why modeling the skeleton man above would be a good place to start for new users in this field.

You'll learn how to create a project and set up geometry based image planes in the first part of this tutorial, and then move on to the working with all of Maya's three geometry types NURBS, Polygons and Sub D's to build an organic character. During this process NURBS primitives are used to create the initial organic shape and you'll get some practice at working with CV's and isoparms. We then convert to polygons and combinedifferent parts of the model into one continuous mesh before we start to sculpt out the details on our character using the split poly tool, move vertices and extrude to create the lip area, eye socket, ears and add muscle definition. Some of the detail work is done between parts but you'll be shownall the techniques so you can decide how much work you want to put into your own character. We also switch between polygons and sub d's to work onboth a high and low resoulution mesh and use box modeling techniques to build the hands and feet.

With the character complete we create his clothes and accessories using both polygons and NURBS and you'll see how to insert edges and create folds and bends on the clothing for a more realistic look.
  • Length: 3 Hours 16 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya
  • Format: DiVX
  • Points Cost: 11
  • Price: $19.95
Tutorial Details
  • Organic Modeling
  • NURBS - Polygon & Sub D Workflow
  • Sculpting Muscle Detail
  • Creating Facial Features
  • Model Clothes & Accessories
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Introduction to Organic Modeling in Maya
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