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Organic & Hard Surface Workflows - Sci-Fi Gorilla
Key Features
In this interesting project where we create the sci-fi gorilla organic modeling meets hard surface. We work according to multiple reference images and start by sculpting out the gorilla body working on getting the general shape and proportion right.

First we make the head and the neck from NURBS primitives to get the basic forms which we convert to polygons while still maintaining the same topology before combining the two parts. In this tutorial we go over several different ways of combining geometry as booleans union can cause problems sometimes. We work with some different modeling tools sculpt geometry tool to insert edges and keep quads and sculpt geometry tool to smooth out our mesh.

When the head is finished we create the body in the same way as the head and combine and convert our whole mesh to subdivisions. We explain how and why it can be good to work on a subdivision level when adding details like wrinkles, crisp lips and skin folds and how to convert between subdivisions and polygons, and add the fine detail in the eyebrow area and nostrils. As well we try to keep a high level of realism in the hands like the crooked fingers and nails and try to avoid making everything a hundred percent symmetrical

With the upper body complete we move on to some hard surface techniques for the lower part of the body where we model wheels and bolts using both polygons and NURBS and we loft and revolve on curves to create connecting geometry. Finally we build some gums and teeth with some great scary side fangs before adding a three point light set up.
  • Length: 6 Hours 39 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya
  • Format: DiVX
  • Points Cost: 14
  • Price: $24.95
Tutorial Details
  • Organic Sculpting on Sub Dís
  • NURBS in Hard Surface Modeling
  • Polygon Modeling Tools
  • Keeping Quaded Geometry
  • Adding Realistic Gorilla Features
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Organic & Hard Surface Workflows - Sci-Fi Gorilla
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