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Texture Painting the Evil Gnome
Key Features
If you want to learn how UV layout and texture painting works in Maya this three hour long project is the perfect place to start. You can apply these techniques to your own model or use the head of the Evil Gnome which is included with lesson one of this tutorial.

Knowing how to lay out flat UV's is necessary for any modeler who works in a production environment, and following the workflow in this tutorial you'll how to lay out proper UV's for a polygon head model working in Maya's UV Texture Editor with planar and cylindrical projections.

In the second part of this tutorial we create a bump map to get wrinkles and creases for realistic looking human skin, before we move on to texture painting a color map for the entire face. Throughout this process we do a lot of test renders in Maya and you'll learn how to create a high
level of detail in textures which will give your characters that little bit of extra and help to really sell them in the final renders.

  • Basic UV Layout for a Polygon Head
  • Bump Mapping for Human Skin
  • Texture Painting for Human Skin
  • Controlling Specular Highlights on Skin
  • Maya Procedural Textures
  • Creating Realistic Eyes in Maya

After our bump and color maps are complete we create a specular map which is important for human skin as you will have areas of specularity and this type of map will make it possible for you to control where they appear. In addition to texture painting we use Maya's procedural textures to create bump and color maps for the horns on this character, you will also learn how to work with the ramp texture to make credible bloodshot eyeballs and use noise textures to increase the color variations that you can see on skin.
  • Length: 2 Hours 56 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya 7, Photoshop
  • Format: DiVX
  • Points Cost: 10
  • Price: $19.95
Lesson Breakdown
  • Lesson 1: UV Layout in Maya
  • Lesson 2: Bump Maps in Photoshop
  • Lesson 3: Color Maps in Photoshop
  • Lesson 4: Specular Maps in Photoshop
  • Lesson 5: Creating Realistic Eyes
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Texture Painting the Evil Gnome
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