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Texture Painting Realistic Lizard Skin
Key Features
In this tutorial we cover the process of UV mapping for a full character in Maya with body and head. We explain what UV's are and why you need them on a model before texturing it. You'll learn several different techniques that can be used for UV layout and how different types of maps can be used depending on what your geometry looks like.

We work in Maya's UV Texture Editor to align and match corresponding UV's on the character and test our UV's with a checker texture to find areas of stretching which is what we want to prevent during UV layout. During this process you'll learn how to move, sew and relax UV's and work on half a character before duplicating the flat UV's over to the other side and taking a UV snapshot of the final UV map. We discuss some common problems that can arise when you're laying out UV's and some tips and tricks to prevent them.

The UV map is then brought into Photoshop for texture painting where you will learn to work on multiple layers with some different brushes and tools to create a color map for the T-Rex. Getting good color variation in a map like this is important in order for it to work well when you add lights to a scene, and we also look at how you can make your reptile skin more realistic with a bump map to get some depth, cracks and other small imperfections. We go over how to create an organic eye with procedural textures and some small shader tricks that can really help bring your character to life. Finally we create a specular map to get control of where the specular highlights will occur and how light will be reflected on our material when we render the T-Rex in Maya.
  • Length: 4 Hours 45 Minutes
  • Level: Beginner
  • Software: Maya 7, Photoshop
  • Format: DiVX
  • Points Cost: 10
  • Price: $19.95
Tutorial Details
  • Full Body Character UV Layout
  • UV Mapping Tips & Tricks
  • Preventing Stretching in Textures
  • Texture Painting Techniques
  • Creating Color - Bump - Spec Maps
  • Painting Realistic Lizard Skin
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Texture Painting Realistic Lizard Skin
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