For the Love of Animation - An Interview with Gabriele Ranfagni

Published: Wednesday 24th of August 2011 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Gabriele Ranfagni is an Italian animator who started out in Florence in the early days as an illustrator before he turned to animation. He's worked on more than 40 productions and held multiple roles doing storyboarding, stop motion, character design, con

Working in the Game Industry - An Interview with Mike McKinley

Published: Monday 15th of August 2011 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
This week we talk to Mike McKinley, who's been in the game industry for the past eight years and on SimplyMaya even longer than that. Mike has worked as an Environment Artist on a number of different game productions and is currently a Content Creator at

Industry Insights Maya Modeling - An Interview with Jason Edwards

Published: Sunday 15th of May 2011 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
In this interview Jason Edwards who's currently a Senior Modeler at Windmill Lane VFX in Dublin, shares some of his experiences from his time in the industry. He's worked on a wide range of projects in both television and film. A lot of the things he talk