VFX Breakdown from The Mill for Angry Birds 2 Launch Trailer

Published: Monday 10th of August 2015 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
The Mill has put out a Behind the Scenes video of the Angry Birds 2 Launch Film, which was created to promote the new game. The action short features CG pigs in a surreal island paradise, which comes under a vicious attack by Angry Birds. For this the VFX

Webinar: Making Maya Easier to Use

Published: Friday 7th of August 2015 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Autodesk has put out an interesting webinar this week which looks at how the improvements made to Maya 2016 allows for better workflows, as well as makes it easier for beginners to learn the software.

Cartoon character sculpture sells for $28.2 million

Published: Thursday 15th of May 2014 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
There's a lot of money in cartoons these days. Yesterday a sculpture of Popeye The Sailorman made by Jeff Koons, sold for $28.2 million at Sotheby's. The buyer was Steve Wynn, the Las Vegas casino magnate who famously put his elbow through the canvas of a

May the fourth be with you

Published: Sunday 4th of May 2014 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Industrial Light and Magic was first set up to provide the effects when Lucasfilm started to work on the original Star Wars trilogy in 1975, and has since provided the VFX for more than 300 films. With today being the International Star Wars Day we take a

How did Autodesk Maya become so popular?

Published: Wednesday 30th of April 2014 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
With the final version of Softimage released this month, Autodesk closes the door on one of the oldest 3D applications on the market. Softimage changed hands many times, the company was first founded by filmmaker Daniel Langlois in 1986 in Montreal and th

Disney brings Animatronics to a new level with 3D design process

Published: Wednesday 30th of April 2014 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Disney is bringing Audio-Animatronics to a new level with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train opening soon at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. This is partly due to a collaboration between Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Animation Studios, with the

The Return of The Doozers

Published: Saturday 26th of April 2014 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Remember Fraggle Rock - the iconic 1980's live action puppet show? If so, you might also recall the little green creatures known as Doozers who were constantly engaged in constuction using a candy-like substance much enjoyed as food by the Fraggles, thus

Modeling for 3D Printing

Published: Tuesday 19th of November 2013 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
As a technology which is rapidly expanding at the moment 3D printing is creating new job opportunities for CG artists around the world. One of them is George Waldron, who a couple of years ago started up his own company with Catalyst Creations providing a

Studying for Scientific Visualization - An Interview with Stuart Jantzen

Published: Monday 4th of November 2013 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
The Biomedical Communications program at University of Toronto in Canada is a two-year graduate program preparing students for a career in medical and scientific visualization. Combining animation and science, as well as being one out of just five accredi

Where do voices for animated characters come from?

Published: Thursday 31st of October 2013 | Type: News | Main Focus: Maya
Last week Marcia Wallace, the voice of Bart's fourth-grade schoolteacher Edna Krabappel on "The Simpsons", died which led to the retirement of her character. This follows a tradition on the longest running animated show in American history to remove chara