Autodesk has released a new update for Maya which includes improvements to the Jiggle and Morph deformers, a new option to retarget animation from one character to another and the addition of quality-of-life sculpting tools. 

Through the new Retarget mode, animated displacement can be retargeted from source to target geometry with the same topology, which is useful to transfer facial animation between different characters. Morph deformations can now be mirrored from one side of a model to the other.

The Jiggle deformer is GPU-accelerated and works with cached playback, which results in an improved deformation performance. The Relax, Smooth, Pinch, Smear, and Grab brushes in the sculpting toolset now also automatically constrain to live surfaces.

In addition to this, there have been updates to Arnold, Bifrost, and the USD for Maya plugin. For a full list of the new features in Maya 2022.3, visit Autodesk’s release notes.