Autodesk has shared some highlights from this year’s SIGGRAPH. They include a closer look at WetaM, the new software service from Weta Digital and Autodesk. It integrates Weta’s proprietary tools with a custom version of Maya through next-gen procedural workflows and AI-assisted architectures which come together in a cloud-based service. In a half an hour talk, Weta’s CEO Prem Akkaraju discusses the future of cloud-based production with Autodesk’s Diana Collela, and how the two companies envision WetaM transforming artist workflows.

In another video, the team behind Bifrost takes a look at new tools and the next frontier in the visual programming environment. Bifrost brings together nodes to create visual effects with state-of-the-art simulation solvers.

Finally, Rodeo FX’s lead rigger Mathias Royrvik talks about Maya’s latest rigging tools and puts them to the test on Peaky Rhino. Since the release of Maya 2020, Autodesk has been working towards a more procedural and topology-independent way of working with nodes like Maya Original Shapes and Falloffs.