RenderMan 24.1 is out. It’s only been a month since the 24.0 release, so the updated version doesn’t add any major features and mainly contains bug fixes. A more interesting update is to the free Substance Painter plugin. The open-source add-on, created by Pixar engineer Philippe LePrince, makes it possible to export Substance 3D Painter projects to Renderman’s preset browser. It lets you export in a format compatible with Lama, the new layered material format developed at ILM and added to RenderMan 24.0, as well as the existing PxrSurface and PxrDisney materials. Once exported to the preset browser, materials can be imported into Maya through RenderMan’s integration plugins.

To download the plugin RenderMan for Substance Painter 24.1, visit the GitHub page. A free non-commercial version of RenderMan is available here.