Ragdoll Dynamics 1.0 is a new real-time physics solver for Maya. It’s similar to the native nCloth and nHair solvers, but it works on transforms rather than points. Anything with a translate and rotate channel can be simulated. 

Ragdoll Dynamics enables animators to work directly with live physics in their character rigs. The goal is to create realistic secondary motion more quickly than through keyframe animation, but with better control than with conventional simulation tools.¬†Using Ragdoll Dynamics, you can simulate hair, cloth, and muscle dynamics in Maya. It’s also fast, with calculations taking 0-5 ms/frame. That makes it possible to work at 30 fps, even on complex rigs.¬†

The precursor to the software, real-time Maya physics system WeightShift, was in use at Framestore and Weta Digital before it was bought by Epic Games last year. Developer Marcus Ottosson previously worked as a lead creature FX TD at Framestore.

A free 30-day trial is available for download. Ragdoll Dynamics runs on both Windows and Linux.