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SimplyMaya Newsletter March 2011 #02

Hi **USERID**. We're pleased to announce the addition of an Articles and Interviews section to SimplyMaya. Our first article will be Industry Insights into Maya Modeling - An interview with Jason Edwards. Senior Modeler at Windmill Lane VFX. We hope to be releasing one article a week at first. We'd prefer at this point to concentrate on quality.

We're not trying to set up a clone of Cgsociety we're aiming to bring you something a little different. Hopefully an incite into the industry you might not find elsewhere. To that end we have some interviews lined up not just with the big names, but also with students studying at various CG schools to give you a peek at what it's like to study CG full time.

The new section is being designed as we speak, but for now please take a look at our first offering. we'd appreciate your feedback here. As we have no plans to monetize this section by swamping it with advertisements below is a shameless bout of self promotion, some of the tutorials Jason Edwards has made for us here at SimplyMaya.

We also have a new free tutorial which deals with batch rendering in Maya and can be found here.

In this tutorial we create a cartoon caricature of the famous Chef Ramsay and get the end result you can see in the image above
This is a great character modeling and texturing project where the instructor Jason Edwards creates a highly stylized GI with himself as a reference. So you can follow along with this tutorial using his sketches which are provided...
In this short animation project with we'll look at how we can save a lot of time when creating facial animations by mirroring blend shapes from right side to left and using an animation deformer.
The Sand Speeder
In this great hard surface modeling and texturing project we create the Sand Speeder based on the concept sketches made by Jason Edwards who is also the instructor you'll be following along with in the tutorial...
The H & K
In this eight hour long tutorial we go over the complete process of modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering the Heckler & Koch Universal Self Loading Carbine Rifle...