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SimplyMaya Newsletter March 2011 #01

Hi **USERID**. Welcome to our March newsletter, this month we'd like to take some time to highlight our new Free Friday tutorials category, which can be found here. We now have seven free tutorials in this section and we'd love your feedback. You can view and comment on all the Free Friday tutorials here.

Our Lifetime membership programme has been a great success, huge thanks for all your support. We've now decided to make lifetime memberships available to everyone. The introductory price will end on the 15th view all the details here. Below you can find some of the hundreds of tutorials that are currently available at SimplyMaya. Keep an eye out for lots of new content coming in March.

The Sand Speeder
In this great hard surface modeling and texturing project we create the Sand Speeder based on the concept sketches made by Jason Edwards who is also the instructor you'll be following along with in the tutorial.
Low Polygon Modeling for Games
In this tutorial we'll cover the modeling and texturing of this low poly character and work to a set poly limit of 3500 triangles.
3D Set Design in Maya
This is a complete tutorial series covering modeling, texturing and mood lighting of a cartoon set, with a little bit of dynamics towards the end to add to the final render. It is a very entertaining beginner project and great if you're new to using Maya.
The Orc Head
This complete project covers the modeling and texturing of an Orc head, so If you're in to fantasy creatures this is the perfect tutorial for you. 
The H & K
In this eight hour long tutorial we go over the complete process of modeling, UV mapping, texturing, lighting and rendering the Heckler & Koch Universal Self Loading Carbine Rifle.