26-07-2016 UV Mapping in Maya 2016 Tutorial

UV Mapping in Maya 2016 Tutorial

Watch a new video tutorial on UV layout in Maya 2016 from Steven Roselle, Senior Maya Specialist at Autodesk. There's been a number of enhancements with this release, making the workflow for UV mapping objects in Maya 2016 quite different from the one in earlier versions.

In this video Steven looks at the improvements made to Maya's existing tools, as well as the new tools added for generating and managing UV's, by UV mapping a simple model in Maya 2016.


UVing has been made more interactive with a new 3D grab tool that lets you move UV's around in the viewport, preselection highlighting and a brush based UV workflow.

Some topics covered include:

  • Unfolding UV Shells
  • New Pinning Tools
  • New Brush-Based Tools
  • Contour Stretch Mapping
  • Pre-Selection Highlighting in UV Editor
  • New Slider Tool to Adjust Resolution of Shader Checker Pattern

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