26-07-2016 Maxwell Render Showreel 2015

Maxwell Render Showreel 2015

The latest showreel for Maxwell Render from Next Limit Technologies has a lot of nice work in it. In addition to the core areas of architecture and product viz that the renderer is best known for, there's some great VFX work with advertisements for Cartier and Peugeot from French Fix Studio, and stylized cartoon animation from Brazilian Techno Image.

In the area of visualizations London-based Lumiere Studios have created a photorealistic coffee pour in RealFlow and rendered it in Maxwell, complete with foam, to advertise an iPad app for a new Philips coffeemaker.

Another interesting project featured in the reel is the complex fluid simulation from Cinco Designs and Fusion CI Studios, that was made to give an artistic depiction of how the new 3D printing technology CLIP works. The whole sequence was made in just three weeks, with the previz done in Maya and the simulation in RealFlow, FumeFX and Krakatoa. This was then shaded, lit and rendered in Maxwell, before the final touches like lense flares, depth of field and atmospheric fog were added in post. A full case study can be found here.

More information about Maxwell Render, which is now on version 3.1, can be found here.

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