26-07-2016 New Maya Plugin - Instance Along Curve

New Maya Plugin - Instance Along Curve

This Python script written by Mario Merchante lets you instance various objects along a curve in Maya. It has a user-friendly interface with a node creation command and an Attribute Editor template, and can be used to easily instance, edit and animate objects along a curve.

The Instance Along Curve Plugin creates a dependency graph node, which handles all the necessary logic. This node is recomputed every time Maya considers it necessary, so there is no need to execute manual scripts or hacks to update the instances. Also, it is very efficient in updating each instance, as every relevant instance attribute is connected to the locator, and only recomputes what is needed.

It's useful for things like quick object placement, or creating chain links in Maya. You also have a high level of control with various rotation modes, and the possibility to customize and randomize the transformations of any instanced geometry.


  • It's a dependency graph node, so it works gracefully with the Maya environment.
  • Instance an object by count or by distance between instances.
  • Various rotation modes, including chain mode.
  • Customize the instances transformation by ramps evaluated in curve parameter space.
  • Customize the ramps' offset with keys or expressions for animations.
  • Customize how instances look in viewport.
  • Randomize instances transformations.
  • It's portable.
  • User friendly and highly flexible.

Check out a short demo of the script in action in the video below.

Download the Maya Plugin Instance Along Curve.

More info about this project and some known issues with the script, for example when batch rendering, can be found on GitHub.

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