26-07-2016 V-Ray 2015 Showreel and New V-Ray for NUKE

V-Ray 2015 Showreel and New V-Ray for NUKE

Chaos Group has put out a new showreel for V-Ray 2015, which showcases some of the best work done in the rendering engine by companies such as Blur, Colorbleed and Method Studios. Whereas in previous years Chaos Group has released separate reels for different market sectors such as arch-viz or VFX, they have created a single one for all in 2015.

Another new thing from Chaos Group is the release of V-Ray for NUKE which introduces a new approach to lighting and compositing, by taking advantage of V-Ray's shading, lighting and rendering tools directly within NUKE's node-based environment.

The latest version update available for Maya users is V-Ray 3.1, which came out a couple of weeks ago. With more than 100 new and modified features, it includes support for Maya 2016, V-Ray RT GPU enhancements and two VR cameras, as well as an improved global illumination algorithm and better handling of proxy objects. More info about that can be found on the V-Ray product page or in the video below.


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