26-07-2016 Making of Follow the Rabbit

Making of Follow the Rabbit

A team of more than 20 artists at the Mill went to work on creating a photorealistic blue rabbit in just eight weeks.

Much of the rabbit’s distinctive appearance was obtained through the color and texture of its fur. Mill Joint 3D Lead Artist Alex Hammond explains, ‘Directors dom&nic wanted the blue coloring to feel as though it was in the DNA of the rabbit. We had to make sure that it was convincing enough when we altered it from brown to blue.

Along each strand of hair we were able to manipulate the color so 'the root to tip' variation had some interesting blue tones, instead of one flat color, all of which added to the unique aesthetic.

It was a real balance to maintain the wild rabbit markings in the blue version, and we went through about 50 iterations of fur grooming and texturing to get it right '.

Extensive research was carried out into rabbit hair, which the team discovered consisted of three levels of fur: down fur, awn fur and guard hairs. All were replicated in the fur groom to give the correct density in the fur.

Watch the final result in the video below.

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