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StarF*cker 28-06-2005 12:28 PM

Maya docserver problem
well, hello :)
first of all: i`m german so excuse any kind of mistakes please :)

well i tried to figure out how to solve my problem but in the german forums i couldn`t find anyone who could help me.

I`m still using Maya 5.0 PLE but the fullversion is already ordered. I got to maya over unreal tournament. I acctually just use it to create my level deco.

Well I know that many people have the problem that the script editor shows the "unable to start docserver" problem.

This one I know how to straighten out:
file -f -new;
// Result: ./untitled //
docServer -start;
// Warning: docServer service "aliasdocserver" does not exist. //
// Warning: Unable to Start the docServer. //

But this one is my acctual Problem:
file -f -new;
// Result: ./untitled //
docServer -start;
// Warning: Unable to Start the docServer. //
to this i get a error message from windows wich tells me something about a timeout and "access back off" 4445(don`t know if these are the right words, i just translated them literally)

the firewall is down so i don`t really know what the problem is or how to solve it.

i would be very very very thankfull if someone could help me out. honestly a lot of people would be thankfull since we`re a few persons now wich have the same problem.

greetings from germany,


foggie 10-07-2005 03:59 PM

I had the same problem with help server, so I found this thread on beyond unreal forums:
Hope that helps. Good luck!

ctbram 29-07-2005 11:56 AM


Can you please tell me how to correct this problem:

docServer -start;
// Warning: docServer service "aliasdocserver" does not exist. //
// Warning: Unable to Start the docServer. //

In your original post you say you know how to correct it. I am getting this everytime I start maya. I upgraded from maya 4.5->5.0->6.0->6.5 and I think the problem is a result of the prefs being preserved between one of the upgrades.

When I look at my services I see the maya 6.5 document service is started and I can get to docs so I can actually get to documents. The warning is more or less just an annoyance that I would like to eliminate.


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