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iammissjacqui 19-07-2015 04:20 AM

Can't Open Maya Scene?
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So I've been working away all morning on the environment for my scene.

I had saved and closed my work, had lunch, came back and haven't been able to open it up again.
I'm scared that the files become corrupt but I have no idea why that'd happen.
In the bottom left hand corner, it says Polygon reduce: reducing. I goes through this process endlessly and never opens the scene. Check image attached.
Can anyone help me please?

by the way... it has the loading icon as my cursor the entire time. when i go to task manager, it always says maya isn't responding.

David 19-07-2015 05:22 PM

Do you have it saved as an ma or mb with an ma you might be able to open the file and remove the reduce node. The only other thing that springs to mind is trying to open it on another machine. if you want i'll try it for you see if I can get it to work. you can send it to me at if you like.

Best of luck

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