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Posted By DDSilver On 02-09-2009 | Views: 1,571 Replies: 10
Salamanders chapter is bright green... thats a first founding chapter and without a doubt canon.

That being said, good you chose the black templars, I cant imagine the cloaks of the Dark Angels to...
Posted By DDSilver On 17-07-2009 | Views: 1,276 Replies: 12
Awesome! :bow:
Posted By DDSilver On 16-07-2009 | Views: 2,576 Replies: 13
I love your work! I really do its just that... well...
Tactical Space marines dont usually come packing Deamonhammers and Teleporters.

But the art is awesome, whats your chapter?
Posted By DDSilver On 15-07-2009 | Views: 2,442 Replies: 2
Did some work on the cockpit :

Detail after the click :
Detail of the Cockpit...
Posted By DDSilver On 13-07-2009 | Views: 2,442 Replies: 2
Hi Guys,

I wanted to do the Sandspeeder from this site, but a failed attempt at another rather ambitious project made me realize I should try to grasp the very basics of Maya before I ruin such a...
Posted By DDSilver On 27-03-2009 | Views: 2,649 Replies: 32
You should try to keep your polygons 4 sided (quads).
Right now, as I see it, your model has a lot of 3 sided polygons (triangles) and even some 6 sided.

You will find that your mesh looks...
Posted By DDSilver On 25-03-2009 | Views: 1,708 Replies: 1
Looking fancy

I find the detail on most of the engines from that tutorial absolutely insane, yours is no exception.
Posted By DDSilver On 04-06-2008 | Views: 952 Replies: 6
Ah! so that is what it looks like when you do it right! :blush:

looks great, good to see I am not that far off either!

If you did plan on taking it all the way into XNA, there I can help.
Posted By DDSilver On 02-06-2008 | Views: 1,010 Replies: 5
Well, discovered I made a couple of errors earlier, that got me fighting with reversed normals that really interrupted the flow of the tutorial.
I did find however that maya can be very cruel, but...
Posted By DDSilver On 01-06-2008 | Views: 1,010 Replies: 5
Its from dt,
its nice for me since they take into account what XNA will and will not take.
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